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Active FX Global, based in New Zealand, is a company founded in 2020 that presents a completely futuristic way of managing assets. A company founded by traders and people passionate about the latest technologies and the latest trends in asset management. The background for the work of our traders is the cryptocurrency markets, in particular NFT tokens and altcoins. We trade on both traditional and decentralized exchanges that can bring you amazing profits. The advancement of NFT technology has created new opportunities to achieve amazing rates of return on arbitration.




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Our mission is to invite as many users as possible, showing them the possibility of simple asset management. Our system does not require any skills, no professional knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies or NFT technology. We want to give everyone the option to multiply their financial resources. Fast, safe, putting your assets into the management of a team composed of talented, creative people with vast knowledge and experience. Our platform is dedicated to everyone, both beginners and advanced users. We want to promote digital asset management, mainly using cryptocurrencies, which leads to much higher profits than just holding.

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Active FX Global
12 Theydon Road, St Andrews, Hamilton, New Zealand
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Registration No: 14163619
Registration Date: 01 January 2020
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Active FX Global
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